It’s official.. more website pages are viewed on mobiles and tablets than desktops

November 2, 2016
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So, for the first month ever, according to the web analytics firm StatCounter, more website pages were viewed on mobiles and/or tablets, than that of desktop or laptop computers.

This is a pretty significant turning point, not only for Futr’s business – building websites, but millions of small, medium and large businesses around the globe. Now more than ever, the consideration of mobile footprints – eg. websites, apps, CRM’s (Client Relationship Management) tools, for businesses is seriously important.

In principle this technically doesn’t mean more people are using phones or tablets than computers in general, or their spending more time on their mobiles than their laptops, it does make certain of the fact that more internet web pages are being viewed – as a whole – on mobile devices than traditional computers.

Another interesting fact to consider in all this is that traditional computer sales are declining.

While there’s news about that the world-wide smartphone market is slowing a touch, manufacturers are still shipping about the same amount of phones in one single quarter, as desktops and laptops in an entire year.

Something else for you to ponder moving forward, when you consider your own business, or website, is that its widely believed that the next billion or so new internet users (low socioeconomic populations moving into middle class, and your toddlers), will almost definitely all access the internet on mobile or tablet first.

Serious consideration needs to be taken in ensuring your business or personal website is not only definitely mobile compatible, but also provides visitors with the proper experience whilst using their phone or tablet. This is all now seriously crucial to ensure the legitimacy of your business moving into the future.

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