The Pickled Duck

March 2016

The team at the wonderful new restaurant, The Pickled Duck, based in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide were looking for a simple, clean website that showed visitors the incredible new renovations and delicious new menu on offer.

What used to be the Modbury Plaza Hotel, is now offering gourmet pizzas, burgers or hearty salads, The Pickled Duck has something to fit the bill.

The client provided us with a site they very much liked the look of, and we were able to replicate and add our own little twist. With images the focus, we were able to add multiple full-width sliders showcasing the fantastic renovations, delicious food, and drinks.

The outlay of the website is a one-page scrolling site, using the top-menu to easily scroll to respective sections if required. Food & Drink menus were added to allow visitors easy access.

The Pickled Duck website receives around 4,000 to 5,000 visits per month.

At Futr we embed search engine optimisation (SEO) throughout all our websites. SEO is the process of ensuring websites can rank as high as possible within Google, Yahoo Search, Bing and other internet search engines.

The restaurant is now also ranked 2nd in Google Local results for "Restaurant Modbury", and the first restaurant specific result in Google for "loaded milkshakes Adelaide", a stand-out offering from the wonderful team at The Pickled Duck.


"Loaded Milkshakes": No Rank > 2nd
"Restaurants in Modbury": No Rank > 7th
"Burgers Adelaide": No Rank > 25th
(1,300 searches per month)